Schedule of Service Plans, and Rates.

Ad hoc support

$120.00 including GST per hour. I bill on half hour increments rounded up to the nearest half hour interval.

Payment options: I can accept cash, cheque or direct deposit for ad hoc support calls.

Service and Maintenance Plans

Billed on fortnightly basis my plans include unlimited remote support, and a monthly maintenance schedule. A particular date of each month is planned in advance, and all machines in your office are left on for that night, and using remote control software, I log in to scan, error check, update, defrag and do any kind of maintenance required on your desktop PCs and Servers. I also check backups if set up to make sure that they are functioning. I also do a trial restore on the backups to make surethat the data is recoverable in case of a catastrophic failure.

For security reasons, I allocate a Virtual Private Network for each business, and separate each VPN by using virtualised servers to make sure there is no possibility of data or security breaches. I am prepared to sign confidentiality agreementsif required.

The fee for this service is dependant on the number of computers in your office. Servers and Desktops are all treated the same in this regard.

For businesses with 1 to 2 computers, the charge is $25.00 (ex gst) per computer, per fortnight.

For businesses with 3 to 10 computers, the charge for the 3rd to 10th computer is $20.00(ex gst) per computer, per fortnight.

For businesses with 11 or more computers, the charge for the extra machines is $17.00(ex gst) per computer, per fortnight.

With these plans there is a bonus, along with the unlimited remote support, and monthly night time maintenance, and that bonus is free callouts.

Depending on the number of machines in your office, I provide no charge onsite callouts.
The time allowance is 30 minutes per machine per month. For example, if you have 4 computers in your office, you get 2 hours of free onsite service and support per month.

Payment options: I can only accept direct deposit for service plans at this time.

There is no charge for time spent on phone calls.

For emergencies, I have a fully updated loan server on hand with 1 terabyte of space, so if a critical part of your infrastructure does fail, I can get your systems back up and running until the problem is resolved.