Colin Smith Consulting

Welcome to Colin Smith Consulting Services

Based in north Brisbane, and servicing the north, central and southern regions of the Brisbane metropolitan area.

I am your point of call for any Information Technology issues, I can help with networking, hardware and software issues, data recovery, custom IT solutions, virtualization technology, data backup, and redundancy of all windows based IT networks for SOHO businesses.

I specialise in virus and spyware removal, networking issues, custom built servers and PCs, and virtualising critical software, like custom print servers, point of sale software and financial software.

I offer a variety of services, starting with a simple audit of your network, identifying known issues, putting together a layout of your network, setting up shared files and printers. I can then get you on the road to a more reliable network, setting up failure tolerant file servers, daily or weekly backups to removable drives, or remote backup. I can check your machines for possible hardware failures, and with my support plans, I can log in remotely to help fix your problem and get you running again.

My support plans also include monthly maintenance, with a once a month date set where I log into all your machines during out of office hours to reduce inconvenience to you, and do updates, virus checks, hardware checks, defragmenting, cleaning up and optimisation of the pc, and even scan for hard drive errors to preempt any failures.
Picking up a failing piece of hardware is always better then having it break during a critical time.

I can also set up remote networking, allowing users to dial in remotely to work, or get email.

Security is always a priority as well, and I can make sure your wireless network is secure.

The most important thing for all SOHO business owners and operators is reliability. You need your systems to run, stay running, and avoid any break downs or faults, and in the event of a fault, either get it fixed as soon as possible, or provide temporary solutions to keep you working.

I can also put you in touch with a variety of other business services if required. I provide service and support for sign writers, data cablers, electricians, real estate agents, accountants, barristers, construction services, printing services, web site design, shopfitters and cabinet makers, loan and financial advisors, town planning, banners and marquees, blinds and shutters, and many more.

Please, give me a call on 0433 225 519 to ask me if I can help you with your slow or crashing computer, or to set up your printer and scanner, and I will see what I can do.

To see what my service plans and rates are, please click here.